"You have no idea how happy I am to have found a remedy like this..I love my wines but I would get a red flush and a severe headache after just one glass. This product gives me so much freedom to choose as long as I don’t forget my little magic…Thank you and good on you for helping people like me."
- Jeane R

“Thanks so much. This is very much appreciated and this product works extremely well for me and now allows me to drink wine without the after headache!"
- Caroline P

"Tried SO2GO and for the first time in 6 years I was able to drink wine without being ill."
- Rosemary C

"..Sulfur is critical in the wine making process and keeps the wine clean, fresh and gives it the ability to age in bottle. As the wine presenter on ABC720 afternoon program, we trialed the SO2GO and there was no obvious change to the taste and structure of the wine we used the product on."
- Blair H


“It was a friend of mine that found it (So2go) for me. I get very ill from sulfur, but love a good wine. I was blown away by how well it worked. So thank you for your wonderful product.”
- Nicolle

“Thanks for this; just spent 2 weeks in France and for the first time in recent years my wife was able to enjoy wine without any of the usual side effects.”
- Peter J

“Thank you for such a fantastic product. For years I suffered from severe headaches after drinking just one glass of wine, but after using so2go these symptoms have disappeared completely. I can now not only enjoy wine again, but now collect wines I would not have normally looked at as I can now consume them at a later date knowing that I will not suffer any nasty side effects.”
- Brett B

“I am sulfite intolerant, but with so2go I am very happily drinking bottles of wine that I have been gazing at wistfully for years! I can’t explain how nice it is to be a ‘normal’ person again. Thanks so much.”
- Kathryn



“We were holidaying in WA a few weeks ago and came across it (SO2GO) in a winery..As my wife suffers terrible sinus flare-ups from the chemicals/preservatives in wine and I dearly love a glass of wine my my meal, we decided to give it a go. It seems to have worked as she now joins me in a glass every so often.”
- Geoff N

"I am a huge fan of your product having discovered it in the Clare Valley...I have a medical allergy to sulfur and so2go has been a godsend."
- Jeremy B

"Brilliant. I have been spreading the word, great product. I didn’t note any ‘chemical’ odor or flavor, I think it actually opens the wine up as the SO2(sulfur dioxide) often masks it."
- Charlotte H

"Thanks so much for a great product that does the job, fuss free. I am allergic to sulfur dioxide and it is such a pleasure to be able to drink wine again with SO2GO."



"Thank you for making this wonderful product available. To have the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine with friends instead of being an inactive bystander is a treat and a wonderful pleasure. Without the resulting body reactions to the preservatives, I can now enjoy a wine without worrying about the ‘after’ reaction."
- Wendy

"Well for the first time I have been able to enjoy a glass of wine with everyone else without getting a bad headache, but the only worry now is I managed to drink 2 bottles to myself which is another worry. Many thanks."
- Mrs. N